It’s Not You It’s the DIEt Master Class

Please read this in full to make sure you understand how to get to class, etc.

Congratulations to you! You’ve just made an important nvestment in what I hope will be life changing information. Understanding how my metabolism works, why I became obese and incredibly unhealthy is what helped me to reclaim my own wellness. The more I learned, the more I understood that everything I was taught about calories, eating a low-fat diet, exercise, calories in and calories out was a bunch of hogwash that lead to my inability to get out of bed for six months, I was so sick.

The information in this master class is everything! It’s the nuts and bolts of how I reclaimed my wellness and maintain my wellness. I have no more fibromyalgia symptoms, I have no more aches and pains, my asthma it’s so much better, I no longer feel I will die of an asthma attach, I am free of diabetes, I have no high blood pressure, my cholesterol is perfect and am in very good health. I truly feel AMAZING at 57!

Important Note: You MUST answer all questions to be auto approved to be in the Facebook group, where the class is. If you try to join without answering the questions, you may be waiting for the admin to manually approve you. The passcode is: I WANT IN
Join the course, by first joining the Facebook Group Here

The Master Class is pinned to the top of the Facebook group for easy access. You can view it as many times as you need to. Understanding and practicing this is life changing.
Here’s a direct link to the Master Class Video

Feel free to post any questions you have in the thread of the video on Facebook. I, again hope this is life changing for you like it was for me, five years ago! I still feel GREAT! I’m still well and the last time I had blood work done, I was told I had a 3% chance of a cardio event! That was about 6 months ago!