My Groups and Resources

Please join my Private Facebook Groups for additional support, connection and resources. I have three Facebook Groups to support you and connect with you on your wellness journey. They each have difference purposes.

Gam Gam’s Keto Kitchen: An extension of what you see on Instagram and TikTok so you can connect with others who are on the same journey. It’s easier to have a conversation in this space. Free to join. Love to have you!

It’s Not You, It’s The DIET (MasterClass) – This Facebook Group hosts a life-changing masterclass to help you understand why “It’s Not You, It’s The DIET!” In a short 1:45, this course will help you to understand why eating certain foods will make you more hungry, make you store fat and gain weight, while others will not. There’s no pills, potions, lotions, patches or ketones! It’s all about the foods. There’s no “catch,” or “upsell,” this is everything I needed to understand to heal myself. This masterclass will help you to biohack your own wellness. If you’ve been told you are metabolically unhealthy, diabetic, pre-diabetic, have fatty liver disease, obese, etc., or find yourself never ending yo-yo dieting, this class is sure to help you! I cannot begin to express how important the information is in this master class. The investment is $15 to gain access to the Master Class. It is hosted in a Facebook Group, so a Facebook account is necessary to access it. I guarantee how helpful this class will be! If you get no value, not one little bit to help you, reach out, I’ll issue you a refund.*

My Free Wellness Journaling Course Grab a Pen Instead”: This course pairs with my Wellness Journal, “Grab A Pen Instead,” available on Amazon with a class on how to get the most out of having and using this journal. This is a wellness journal I created specifically for people who follow a lifestyle of eating where they are keeping track of macros, versus ineffective calorie counting. The course teaches you how to journal your way to wellness, how to “Grab a Pen Instead” and how your thoughts about you, impact your eating and the way you care for and about yourself. I’m incredibly proud of the journal and the impact this free class can have in the life of someone working towards wellness. This journal allows you to track all of your macros, your weight, your fasting, your blood sugar, exercise/movement, water and most importantly your thinking with weekly check ins. It the perfect partner for your wellness journey! There’s even a spot to put your progress photos, so you can SEE how far you’ve come, if the scale moves or not! You will LOVE what this awesome journal has to offer.